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The Tour 88 Mohair Mix Skin is a high-performance climbing skin that perfectly matches our FREE TOUR 88 touring ski. It’s pre-cut and does not require any trimming. Built for piste, powder, and anything in between, this is your all-purpose, go-anywhere skin. It is made from robust Mixmohair (65 % mohair, 35 % nylon) for a strong grip, smooth glide, and extreme durability and features KOHLA’s new water-repel- lent Fiberseal Technology to keep your skin dry. “Smart Glue”, a state-of-the-art adhesive, makes it easy to handle and remove so you can do more laps and cover more terrain without having to worry.


199,00 €Price
  • – Specific solvent-free Hot-Melt glue – Application range up to -30°C
    – Changeable tip attachment
    – Mixmohair (65% mohair/35% nylon) – Exclusive speed webbing

    – Water-resistant fluorocarbon impregnation – Solvent-free coating
    – Polyester-cotton back layer system
    – PA and TPE plastic parts

    – Inclusive T-Bar 85 (changeable)
    – K-Clip spring back attachment
    – Tear-resistant end bandle (max. 120 newton)

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