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The RACE CARBON is a premium racing pole designed for chasing that one hundredth of a second. It’s multi-discipline, superfast and super strong. Its lightweight and extremely robust shaft is made from high-grade carbon for optimum swing weight. An ergonomic non-slip race rubber handle and race strap with smart strap fastening ensure a secure grip and hold through every turn and make handling very easy. The race-specific mini race basket is ideal for racers of any level, while the Tungsten Carbide Flex Tip provides superior grip on hardpack and ice.


129,00 €Price
  • – Race Rubber Handle (non-slip and stable)
    – Race Strap (secure hold and easy entry/exit) – Carbon Fiber Composite (Ø 13/9mm)
    – Mini Race Basket
    – Tungsten/Carbide Flex Tip

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